Welcome to Amader Gram

Amader Gram (Our Villages) is an ICT4D initiative of Bangladesh Friendship Education Society (BFES). The project is mostly centered and based on the village society and it is conceived/planned to build up as a demonstrative social innovation. This is obviously an innovative project and as a social innovation first of its kind in the country. Such a project, implementing among the beneficiary groups of “Amader Gram” (our village), has got immense potential in many ways- by collecting, collating, analyzing and using many socio-economic data those do not have only the preservative value. Our Village society is not static one; changes take place here everyday, though subtle. So, an established on-going process of data collection reflects the changing trends of the village society: changes of social lives, customs, technology, behavioral pattern, economic variations, occupational dimensions etc. By depicting the social mobility situation, the data collection process contributes to the social documentation. Through this project there is a formal way of collecting, preserving and even re-sourcing data on so many things both in respect of project’s own activities and beyond, instead of letting thousands of everyday data get lost. On the contrary, the Statistical Department of Government does not have any regular mechanism to collect/preserve data on our villages. Of course, in some of the upazila (sub-district), Government has branches of the Statistical department with only one officer (remain absent most of the time) and does not have any ICT facilities.